Professional technology for all kinds of water

AQUA-CHECK combines professional water analysis with the most comfortable handling possible. This is why the device is as appropriate for beginners as for professionals.

AQUA-CHECK's  wide range of usage spreads from A to Z.

Pool & Spa
Fish Breeding and Aqua Culture
Research & Education
Pond & Garden
Supply of Water & Wastewater Treatment



AQUA-CHECK in Aquariums

AQUA-CHECK in der AquaristikKeeps water values under control. 
Regular screening of water quality in aquariums is essential especially because ornamental fish require a perfect quality of water. Most private usage designed drop tests demand the aquarium owner to rely on his eyes to compare the coloured water sample with the printed colour scale. Because of varying light conditions, misinterpretations are very common. With our photometer you‘re able to simply read the value on the display. Because even the smallest changes in pH-, nitrite or phosphate values can influence the health of your fishes. AQUA-CHECK helps you to survey the most important parameters in water.
Tip: With AQUA-CHECK you‘re now able to test in which way particular fish food influences the water quality!


AQUA-CHECK in Pool & Spa

Analyse your water frequently for unclouded swimming fun.
Clear water itself is not a sign for healthy bathing pleasure. Most of the time, bacteria and fungi in the water are invisible to the human eye. This is why conventional swimming pools require water desinfection. Over- and underdosages are only preventable by continous water surveillance.
Also for nature-orientated bathing waters there are recommended boundary values. AQUA-CHECK records most of the required values and is so suitable for the frequent self-control in bathing pools.

    Pool & Spa   Bathing Lake (Pool Water)   Bathing Lake (Fill-up Water)  
Ammonia 0 - 2,0     0,30 Dieser Standard wird erfüllt! 0,50 Dieser Standard wird erfüllt!
Nitrate 6 - 120     30,0 Dieser Standard wird erfüllt! 30,0 Dieser Standard wird erfüllt!
pH 6,0 - 9,0 6,5-7,6 Dieser Standard wird erfüllt! 6,0 - 8,5 Dieser Standard wird erfüllt! 6,0 - 9,0 Dieser Standard wird erfüllt!
Chlorine 0,1 - 1,6 0,3-0,6 Dieser Standard wird erfüllt!        
Iron 0,1 - 10,0         0,200 Dieser Standard wird erfüllt!

Dieser Standard wird erfüllt!: Granted by AQUA-CHECK 1 and AQUA-CHECK 2.


AQUA-CHECK in Fish Breeding and Aqua Culture

AQUA-CHECK in Fischzucht und Aquakultur Make your water quality transparent.
You can see at the first sight if your fish feel comfortable. But wouldn't you like to find out more about your water quality? Often only small changes of substances in your water influence the health of your fish. If you know which interventions are to be implemented to ensure a high water quality, you save your profits.
For fish breeding and aqua-culture we recommend you to use AQUA-CHECK 2. It only takes a few minutes for the device to inform you about the oxygen value as well as 10 other standard components in your water. Because of the practical case, you can carry your analysis set whereever you want. No matter if pond or breeding pool.


AQUA-CHECK in Research and Education

AQUA-CHECK in Forschung und LehreThere‘s a lot to explore in water.
Water - the source of life - is a repeated phrase in schools. Besides organisms and plants, the role of water chemistry in ecologic processes is a standard theme. No matter if on excursions or in the laboratory: during water analyses, abstract theory becomes alive and understandable. Most of the time normal drop tests for water analysis are inaccurate. Precise and professional systems aren‘t handy and need a lot of time. 
With AQUA-CHECK, you recieve a universal tool with which you‘re able to detect certain water values and recieve fast results.
For excursions and detections in nature, we recommend you to use AQUA-CHECK 2.
Tip: Because of the special constellation of the reagents, even children can work with an AQUA-CHECK under the supervision of an adult.


AQUA-CHECK in Pond and Garden

AQUA-CHECK am GartenteichHave more pleasure with your oasis at home.
Algae are a repeatedly appearing problem for proud pond owners and cloud the fun in the garden. But problems like this don‘t have to build up.
If you eliminate the main nutrient of algae: phosphate, there is no base for them to grow and you can leave cloudy green ponds behind you. With AQUA-CHECK, you can detect high phosphate values and toxic substances early. So you can effectively determine the correct type and dose of corrective products and revive your water oasis.
Tip: With AQUA-CHECK you can also see if your pond products work.


AQUA-CHECK in Koi-Keeping

AQUA-CHECK am GartenteichHealthy koi need healthy water.
Vital koi are an eyecatcher in every garden pond. But these noble fish need the best conditions to stay healthy and fill the pond with their blaze of colors for a long time.That means that water control is a big part of koi-keeping.
With rising temperatures and a high amount of fish in the pond, koi owners have to deal with a low amount of oxygen, which has to be detected as soon as possible. With AQUA-CHECK 2, you can measure oxygen and further important parameters
like ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and phosphate. Knowing these values is essential to initiate specific
processes for the health of your sensitive koi.


AQUA-CHECK in Supply of Water & Wastewater Treatment

AQUA-CHECK am GartenteichSafety comes with self control.
The frequent inspection of water values is the job of every person working with water. No matter if water works or filter plant - due to the AQUA-CHECK 2 photometer, you can now measure and supervise the water quality yourself. The results of eleven important parameters are displayed in minutes, with lab-level precision. The concentration of ammonia, nitrate, phosphate or chlorine will be displayed digitally in milligrams per liter.
With our device self-control is that simple. You‘ll be able to react to changes in your water way faster, so you can ensure a long time high quality water. This is why AQUA-CHECK 2 is the perfect combination to the legal required methods of analysis.

What our customers say

Andreas Schuster, Fischzüchter im Nebenerwerb„With AQUA-CHECK, I am able to check my pondwater myself. So I am able to find out early about my water quality and the health of my fish.“

Andreas Schuster, avocational fish breeder

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